Another Mystery Virus -
This Time In Iran
From Patricia Doyle, PhD

"Looks like another virus is now hitting and it's Iran's turn now. Heard again on the morning news how Bush wants to destabilize Iraq, wonder if this is part of the plan?

A US bioweaponeer recently spoke about their work. Amazing stuff. He talked about agent 'N' - i.e. anthrax and the capability to spread it via snipers with M14s, as well as the well-known light bulbs.

Back to all of this mysterious viral illnesses in Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Kurdish territory and India. Promed is quick to claim that some of the outbreaks are 'chicken pox.' However, chicken pox is really a herpes virus, herpes zoster.

Here is the Promed request for info on an outbreak in Iran. When I have more for you to post as an actual news article, will send it along to you. Patty

Date: Sat, 15 Jun 2002
From: ProMED-mail
< Source:
Health China-Xinhua
10 Jun 2002
[Trans. by J.Soo] [edited]

Mysterious Virus Rages in Iran

According to Iran National Broadcasting (IRIB) on 9 Jun 2002, an unidentified virus is threatening some 70 villages in the country's western area. The symptoms shown were exhaustion, partial paralysis, severe headache and nausea. A special team has been formed to investigate the virus outbreak in March. In respond to IRIB criticism of the Health Ministry's inappropriate measures, the Health Ministry had conducted all the necessary lab tests and would require some time to recognize the new virus. Otherwise the outbreak may become uncontrollable and spread nationwide. So far, no death has been reported.


More information on this outbreak and its etiology would be appreciated. The absence of any report of mortality suggests a mild illness, albeit speculation at this point is hazardous. While the exact geography of this outbreak is not specified, the western borders of Iran are shared with Iraq and Turkey. - Mod. MPP