Reserve Units Being Called Up

by NewsMax July 21, 2002

NewsMax has been getting scattered reports that reserve military units in all branches are being called up around the country. Some soldiers say they are being told, "We're going to war." That may be the sentiment rather than the official line.

For example, a day after President Bush laid out his domestic homeland defense strategy this past week, Alabama's governor activated an Army National Guard tank battalion unit.

Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman explained the call-up of the elite 300-member tank unit, with its contingent of M1A1 Abrams tanks, as part of an effort to "serve in the homeland defense role within the U.S."

Siegelman also called out another unit, this time more than 200 guardsmen from Special Forces units.

The soldiers have been told this not a short-term call-up. Deployments will last one or two years, according to Lt. Col. Robert Horton, the spokesman for the Alabama Guard.

Typically, governors call out the National Guard at the request of the Pentagon.

Such call-ups are apparently taking place around the country, if reports NewsMax has been
receiving are correct.

We doubt that the Pentagon expects to use M1 Abrams tanks and Special Forces in
American cities. On to Iraq ..."