Turkey deploys troops near Iraqi border

Reviews military plans in response to U.S.-led offensive

"Turkey's military has completed a report on Ankara's response to a U.S.-led war on Iraq.
So far, an estimated 7,000 Turkish troops have been deployed along the border with Iraq. An unspecified number of Turkish military personnel are also said to be in northern Iraq.

Officials said the report includes recommendations for Turkey's role in such a war as well as preparations against any Iraqi counter-strike.

They said the military's General Staff presented the report last week to Prime Minister Bulent Ecevit.

The military report was ordered after Ecevit and his advisers concluded that a Washington-led effort to topple the regime of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein was inevitable. Officials said the military has been largely supportive of Ankara's cooperation with the United States against the Saddam regime, viewing Baghdad as a key threat to Turkey.

Last month, a U.S. military delegation briefed Turkey's General Staff on Iraq. Officials said the briefings reviewed the Pentagon and military thinking of Iraq as well as assets required in any war against Baghdad.

Officials said the report lists scenarios for a U.S. war against Iraq and Baghdad's responses ...

Over the weekend, the Turkish General Staff dismissed reports in the Turkish media that 5,000 Turkish soldiers were sent to northern Iraq. The media reported that Turkey's military has also taken control over an abandoned Iraqi air force base in northern Iraq."