Saddam Prepares Civilian Defensive Shield Against U.S. Attack

by World Tribune

Week of August 27, 2002

"Saddam Hussein has been meeting with his military chiefs and top scientists in what promises to be Baghdad's response to any U.S. war. But don't expect any Iraqi military surprise. Western intelligence sources said Saddam doesn't have many options against U.S. military might. What they say Saddam will do is prepare a massive human shield to stop or limit any U.S. attack ... Saddam will stuff civilians in and around sensitive installations to prevent U.S. air strikes.

What Saddam hopes is that the presence of tens of thousands of people on the streets of Baghdad and around anti-aircraft batteries and command centers could make President George Bush blink. Saddam's only problem is to ensure that enough Iraqis are willing to risk death.

The result is that Iraqi authorities have warned Iraqis that they will not tolerate any attempt to flee Baghdad. Saddam's agents have divided Iraq into neighborhood militias and warned that anybody who tries to avoid conscription would be killed and his property confiscated."