Special Announcement

"The Lost Symbol": Dan Brown’s Pentagram City

Dan Brown’s new book—set in Washington—is expected to feature another secret society with an elaborate history and illustrious membership: the Freemasons

Hints to the plot

1) Admits that a Pentagram does exist in street layout north of the White House!

2) That pyramid on the $1 bill isn’t just a picture - Admits that the eye hovering over the unfinished pyramid is the "All-Seeing Eye"

3) Admits the Washington Monument is an obelisk! The organ of Baal which the God of the Bible ordered destroyed

The material in these three "Secret Mysteries' of America's Beginnings" speak directly to the symbolism in 'The Lost Symbol' book by Dan Brown, but these videos speak the truth, not Masonic spin! Click on the image to the right to read all about these Hollywood Award-winning videos.

Video 1 - "New Atlantis" - demonstrates that the Secret Society plan to create a New Atlantis nation on the North American Continent began in the 1580's between Queen Elizabeth I and Sir Francis Bacon. We also show that America's Founding Fathers carefully carried out the Baconian Plan in establishing the government of America. Nearly three hours long.

Video 2 - "Riddles In Stone: The Secret Architecture of Washington, D.C.", closely examines the pagan monuments, paintings, sculptures, and street layout in Government Center and show how the original Bacon Plan can be seen in these pagan depictions demonstrate that America was founded according to the Baconian Plan.

This video explains the many Baal symbols throughout the Capital, including his obelisk, the Washington Monument. If Dan Brown's "Lost Symbol" really calls the Washington Monument an 'obelisk', for Masons have denied this fact for centuries. But, many other images of Baal exist throughout the Capital, and the Masons regularly conducted the Baal ceremony called "Corn, Wine and Oil" for the dedication of the ground, the cornerstone and the finished building of every major government building in Washington, D.C.!

This video proves that Freemasonry is a worship of Baal.

Special Note: Last year, the Washington Post ran an article on "Riddles In Stone"! Then, last week, 'ABC Nightline' called to request a copy of "Riddles In Stone" to be sent them right away, so they could plan an interview with us which they have scheduled in conjunction with a massive campaign during the release of Dan Brown's novel mid-September! One of their viewers called me back to express admiration for the extremely high quality of Riddles.

Finally, Mass Media is beginning to notice the "Secret Mysteries of America's Beginnings" videos!

Nearly 3 hours long - Click here to view a trailer for both "The New Atlantis" and "Riddles In Stone"

Video 3 - "Eye of the Phoenix" examines the two Seals on the back of the One Dollar Bill and demonstrates that they are Global Illuminati Seals, not Seals of the U.S. Government. Also demonstrates that the occult design of these Seals represents the most powerful 'Magick" of any other document in history. This video explains the Egyptian/Occult/Masonic meaning of the Unfinished pyramid on the back of the One Dollar Bill, the meaning of the All-Seeing Eye of Horus (Lucifer) and the real source of the light behind the Eye.

Nearly 3 hours long. Click here to view trailer for "Eye of the Phoenix"

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Entire Combination Offer has almost 9 hours of video in History Channel quality. You will be mesmerized and your view of American history and of our national place in history.


Above write-up of Brown's new novel is based upon: "The Lost Symbol: Dan Brown’s Pentagram City", Washington Post, August 26, 2009

This Pentagram was shown in the above article.

Notice this Washington Post article calls Washington, D.C., the "Pentagram City"