Three top Bush administration officials have backed off charges they made against Iraq, explaining they misspoke or overstated the facts. Vice President Dick Cheney said the administration has turned up no nuclear or other weapons of mass destruction in Iraq after stating on March 16, “We believe,
[Saddam Hussein] has…reconstituted nuclear weapons.” Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz backtracked from a recent televised claim that a
great number of bin Laden’s key lieutenants are trying to organize with the Saddam Hussein regime. He said he was actually referring to only on
bin Laden supporter. And Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld corrected an inaccurate statement he made on national television concerning Iraq’s
weapons of mass destruction. Eleven days after the invasion, he indicated the U.S. knew where the weapons were. “I should have said ‘I believe
they’re in that area’” around Tikrit and Baghdad, he said later.

This was excerpted from "Intercessors For America On Watch in Washington Prayer Alert, Sept. 17, 03