New Age Holistic Adviser Saw Broken Cross In Pattern Just 2 Days After Shots Were Fired

"Gunmen's Web of Terror Spreads to Washington"

by Suzanne Goldenberg

October 6, 2002

The Sydney Morning Herald

"The suburban nightmare that began with a bullet through a Halloween shopping display spread to Washington yesterday after a sixth person was killed by a single gunshot ... A holistic adviser who was also at the mall during the first shopping center had it all worked out. 'This has something to do with a satanic ritual', she said confidently. 'If you look at a map, and you connect the dots, it looks like a cross upside down, but people aren't realising it, not even the police'."

Some of the best inside information about the activities of Black Magick practitoners comes from White Magic occultists, who have learned the same rituals, know the same symbols, have learned the same occult doctrines, and serve the same force. The only difference between White and Black Magic is that the White Magic folk believe they can use this occult knowledge and power for the "good" of humanity, while the Black Magick adepts realize and admit that they all serve the same god, Satan!

Therefore, a White Magic person is able to instantly see what is going on. We appreciate this White Magic occultist for confirming what Cutting Edge was saying as of October 5. These shootings have been carried out for the express purpose of a satanic ritual; all such rituals require a certain symbol on the ground before the ritual can begin. The most commonly required symbols are the pentagram and hexagram. Once the pentagram is secured by a killing at each point on the Pentagram, the ritual can begin.


David Bay, Director

Cutting Edge Ministries

October 23, 2002