New Terror Attacks In Israel

by DEBKAfile

15 November 2002

23:05 IT: Twelve Israelis murdered, 20 injured - some gravely - in heavy Palestinian shooting-grenade attack from several directions on Jewish Friday night worshippers walking from Hebron’s Kiryat Arba to Cave of Patriarchs

Among casualties, soldiers and officers who counter-attacked Palestinian assailants and ran into ambush. Ambulances caught in shooting trap

Old Hebron and Kiryat Arba Jewish residents ordered to shutter and darken homes as fierce battle rages in town. Several Palestinian houses opposite shrine under siege. Hebron-Gush Etzion roads are blocked

Palestinians report casualties from Israeli tank fire

Last month, Israeli forces withdrew from Hebron under ex-defense minister Ben Eliezer`s plan to hand over security to Palestinians

Earlier Friday, al Aqsa Brigades of Arafat`s Fatah announced in Jerusalem suicide attacks would continue in Israel." [Emphasis added]