December 10, 2002

A source friendly to Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld tells NewsMax that U.S. military operations will be "ready to go" for full-scale war against Saddam Hussein effective Dec. 15, 2002.

There's no evidence the U.S. administration plans to pull the switch and go to war on that date or anytime during the Christmas holidays.

However, a source informs NewsMax, U.S. military operations in the Mideast would be able to begin full-scale military operations leading to invasion against Iraq as soon as mid-December.

Already the administration feels it has cause to go to war with Iraq. First, it cites the continual firing by Iraq upon U.S. and allied planes in the no-fly zone.

This weekend, with the release of Iraq's statement of its weapons of mass destruction program, the administration believes it will have more cause to demonstrate that the Iraqis are in material breach of the Security Council resolution by not fully disclosing its weapons programs, giving the U.S. the casus belli to begin a full-scale war with Iraq.