War Preparations Continue On Pace

by DEBKAfile

19 December 2002

Intelligence officials at Pentagon press briefing predict Saddam in falling will use bio-chemical weapons against US forces in Iraq, Israel, Kuwait, and his own Kurds and Shiites

Saddam may destroy own infrastructure – oil fields, food supplies and power plants - and blame American assault for “humanitarian catastrophe”

America and Iraq step up war preparations:

-- Iraqi engineering units reported placing obstacles on airstrips to impede US troop landings

-- US notifies 50,000 troops they may be sent to join Gulf region force early next year

-- Some 70,000 men of Turkey’s 3rd and 2nd corps poised on N. Iraqi frontier

Israel homeland command tests new domestically developed location system for speedily pinpointing landing site of enemy missile

UN inspector Blix will report to Security Council Thursday that Baghdad`s arms declaration leaves unanswered questions. Powell due to lay out administration position on declaration, which White House pronounced full of omissions