US, allied troops begin war games along Pak-Afghan border

The Times of India

PTI [ FRIDAY, JANUARY 10, 2003 12:41:51 PM ]

ISLAMABAD: Close on the heels of the recent skirmishes between American and Pakistani troops on the Pak-Afghan border, US and allied troops along with Afghan army started their first ever war games in Pakhtia province of Afghanistan close to the border with Pakistan.

The exercises, that began on Thursday, saw US and allied troops in large numbers near the border for the first time since Pakistani and American troops exchanged fire in the border village of Angoor Adda recently, The News reported on Friday.

The newspaper quoted a Pakistani official based in Wana, the headquarters of South Waziristan Agency bordering Afghanistan, as saying that Pakistan was well aware of the exercises but that the war games carried no importance for them.

The recent exchange of fire between US and Pakistani troops had resulted from differences between the two sides over US forces conducting hot pursuit of al-Qaeda militants into Pakistan.

Also, unknown assailants fired a missile, that landed in the mountainous Shakin area in Afghanistan close to the place where the US and allied forces were engaged in exercises.

However, no casualty was reported as the attackers missed the target.