CRISIS IN VENEZUELA -- Leftist Chavez Arming Supporters To Invade Homes

For Your Glory

January 24, 2003

Earlier today we received the following email and this evening, the news is broadcasting that chaos is ruling the streets of Caracas, Venezuela. Please note the following message and pray for this situation.

Dear Barbara:

Please pray for first cousin has held high gov't. positions prior to this new government, and he has just informed me by email that there is going to be a blood bath tonight in Caracas. Pres. Chavez has brought in all of his people from the interior of the country and has them staying in all of the hotels in Caracas. My cousin and his wife just arrived home...they were riding around to observe the conditions of the city, and they noticed that all of the followers of Chavez are carrying backpacks and some were showing off the weapons carried in them. They are being provided with free liquor and loud music...all hell is being let loose there. They have all of the records of the census and know what is in each house. They are saying they are going to invade the homes. I know this is a news letter for Israel...but it is also about terrorism and how to effectively pray against it. Chavez has given a million $ to Al-Qaeda and Venezuela is swarming with Hiz-bollah. Thank you for anything you can do to pray for this emergency situation.