War Headlines In Middle East


1 March 2003

UN arms inspectors in negotiation with Iraqi officials on scrapping banned al-Samoud-2 missiles pledged by Baghdad for Saturday. Washington ridicules pledge as propaganda, far short of UN demands

Twenty-two Arab leaders attempt to overcome serious divisions on Iraq crisis in Sharm el-Sheikh Saturday, consider sending delegation to Washington, Baghdad and United Nations to try and prevent war. Saddam may be asked to step down.

Iran places armed forces on war alert, deploys troops along its border with Iraq

2,300 men of 26th Marine Expeditionary Force trained to counter biological and chemical attacks leave for Gulf Tuesday. Sixth aircraft carrier Nimitz on way to region, also B-2 stealth bombers

Britain to contribute to Gulf build-up another 100 fixed wing aircraft capable of delivering extremely precise weapons and 27 helicopters

Pentagon advises US media companies to evacuate their correspondents from Baghdad at once

US Patriot anti-missile batteries to be deployed in emergency formation in Central Israel early next week