Rep. Hyde's TREASONOUS RESPONSE to the Constitutionalist Rep. Ron Paul

Joel Skousen

Stan Monteith Show, March 3, 2003

Hyde: "The Declaration of War is anachronistic; it isn’t done anymore."

Paul: "Says who?"

Hyde: "Says Congress!"

Hyde: "The Constitution has been overtaken by events, by time, and is no longer relevant to a modern society."

Now, the problem lies in people not knowing what the word anachronistic means. In Rep. Hyde’s context it means that the constitution is out of its proper order in chronology. More simply put, the US Constitution belongs to an earlier time in our chronological history and order of things. As he says, it (the Constitution) has been "overtaken by events" and "time" and is irrelevant when applied to the governing polity of a modern society.
In other words, folks, it’s over, it could not be any more clearer. This straight from the mouth of a senior member of the House Judiciary. If someone like Ted Turner said this we would sneer or laugh at him. However, when someone of the likes of a Judiciary committee member says this, it ought to make you think about where we are headed.

Have any of you heard this? I'll answer this for you: You never will hear it except it come from the mouths of those present and heard it. Though C-Span tapes everything they did not get this on tape. While there is a law that clearly states that the meeting will be open and recorded, the responsible party for the taping of the meeting encountered some "technical difficulties" during this one segment. Convenient, huh? Paul, outraged at the comments, went the the Congessional record to get audio proof and found out about the "difficulties". I have to agree with Skousen on this one....a few phone calls were made on behalf of Hyde to get him out of a potential pot of boiling water.

Now that we know this, look at the Constitution and see just how they are violating it with their legislation to come. We are not governed by a Constitution but are being governed by the conscience of men and we all know that some of these men have had their conscience "seared" and can no longer legislate in a Godly manner, for their conscience has been seared or is numb to evil. Watch abortion, human cloning, war, oppression of other nations and the use of extortion to gain their public support for their agenda.

Some people don't get it! They are waiting on the day to come and have it stated to the American public on CNN that our Constitution is no longer relevant. It is by the process of the incrementalization of tyranny that they will render the Constitution null and void. They have continually over the years ratcheted up the use of oppression and tyranny and ratcheted down the civil liberties guaranteed by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Though they will "selectively enforce" their powers under the 1st and 2nd installments of the USA Patriot Act, the 4th Amendment is for all intents and purposes on the curbside in flames.