Dangers in Lebanon: Damascus To Be A Heap of Rubble? - Isaiah 17:1
(David Dolan)

Koenig's International News -- http://www.ddolan.com/new/docs/current/updMar0503.shtml

March 5, 2003

I have written before that security sources had indicated to me that an Israeli air force assault upon Hizbullah's growing missile arsenal in southern Lebanon might be launched in the midst of the pending war in Iraq. This has now been confirmed by two sources in the public media. On Saturday morning, an unnamed military leader was quoted on Army Radio stating that Hizbullah's growing force of some 10,000 rockets must be dealt with by Israel sooner than later. But he also expressed concern over Syria's new North Korean-supplied Scud D missiles that can fly over 400 miles, meaning all of Israel is within their range. Then on Sunday, the Sunday Times in London printed a fuller story, quoting an unnamed officer in the IDF's anti-terror branch. He flatly stated that Israel would take out the Hizbullah weapons during the coming Iraqi war whether or not militia opened fire first upon Israeli positions. He noted that the radical Iranian and Syrian-backed group has established more than 20 outposts near the border with Israel. More ominously, he confirmed media reports that Iranian Revolutionary Guards stationed with Hizbullah forces in the Bekaa Valley are themselves manning longer range Fajr and Zelzal-2 missiles than can strike as far as Tel Aviv. While the unnamed officer stated that the air force hopes to destroy the weapons in a massive one-day operation, he acknowledged that there is some danger Syrian forces, who occupy Lebanon, could respond, with unpredictable consequences.

As I've written before, the possibility of war with Syria might help explain the extensive pre-war preparations going on here in Israel--including the recent setting up of anti-missile batteries all over the land. The government is urging war preparations despite its own public assessments that an Iraqi missile attack is extremely unlikely.

In light of all of the above, I am asking once again for all who can to observe a special day of fasting and prayer if next Monday. I don't recommend the fasting portion for readers in the Middle East however, as regular food intake might be important if war is launched.