Defense Minister: Israel will 'put its hands on' all terrorists
The Jerusalem Post

9 March 2003

Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz denied today that the killing of Hamas number two man Ibrahim al-Makadme signaled an escalation in Israel's war on terror.

The assassination on Saturday simply shows that Israel remains intent on targeting anyone involved in terror attacks.

"There is no escalation here," Mofaz said in an interview with Army Radio. "None of the heads of terrorism, with an emphasis on the Hamas, is immune and Israel will put its hands on everyone that is involved in terror, anyone who dispatches terrorists with the goal of killing innocent Israelis."

Mofaz was upbeat about the Palestinian legislature having paved the way to electing Mahmud Abbas, also known as Abu Mazen, as prime minister.

"This is a critical week in the soul-searching being done among the Palestinians, with an emphasis on choosing a leadership, meaning the appointment of a prime minister, who will lead the Palestinians in a different direction," Mofaz said