Cheney outlines objectives of a US war against Iraq
The Jerusalem Post

March 17, 2003

US Vice President Dick Cheney on Sunday outlined the US objectives of any war with Iraq in an interview on NBC television's "Meet the Press."

Cheney said that US objectives were to:

- Defeat whatever forces oppose US and allied troops.

- Dismantle the government of Saddam Hussein.

- Eliminate all of Iraq's weapons of mass destruction.

- Preserve the territorial integrity of nations in the region.

- Establish a broadly representative government of the Iraqi people.

"Now, what happens to Saddam Hussein obviously is of great interest. My guess is, under those circumstances, he's likely to be captured if he's not first killed perhaps by his own people," Cheney said. "... the objective isn't necessarily him per se, but it clearly is to get rid of his government and to put a new one in its place."