Views From A Former Marine - U.S. News Is Bogus & Dumb Tactics

March 24, 2003

Have you noticed that allot of the "scenes" that Fox news and others are showing of our boys in combat are totally bogus, total lies. HAVE YOU NOTICED THAT OUR BOYS ARE WEARING GREEN CAMMIES IN THESE SCENES. Why in the world would they be wearing green cammies????? When the ONLY uniforms you are allowed and issued for middle east-desert combat are the brown ones?

I just saw on Fox news that 2 more tomahawks "malfunctioned" and landed in Turkey the same way they malfunctioned and landed in Iran. Wonder if they will get a refund on those 1 mill a pop rockets?

A favorite Russian statement goes like this: "The only difference between the American people and the Russian people, is that the Russian people know there media is totally lies".

Another "dumb tactic" is being used. Our media keeps telling us all these cities are falling. This is totally bogus also. They are skipping small threats in the move to Baghdad, and the major cities they are just surrounding, not occupying. If they get to Baghdad they are going to have a big army at their back. Our news makes me sick.

Another thing that is funny is that the news keeps showing pictures of Iraq civilians giving Americans the thumbs up when they arrive. Do you know what this means in the middle east????? It means the same as an American flipping the middle finger! I never met a Iraqi over there that did not love Sadaam, and we are fools if we thing these people are glad to be "liberated". One of the first things you are told when you get over there are not to trust the people that give you the thumbs up, as it means the same thing as the middle finger over here.

And don't you just love these 24 hour cameras of Baghdad that the networks have that even after the "shock and awe" still look the same with cars driving around at normal speed, and the red light system still working. You would thing the first thing they would knock out is the power plants. I guess they don't want the liberated citizens to not be able to read the Koran at night. We have dropped "1,000's" of bombs there? yet civilians still drive around all day long driving to work, and you never see Iraqi soldiers in the streets. This has to be some of the dumbest stuff I have ever seen