Meanwhile Back In Israel!

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Knowing that you witnessed the awesome precision bombing in Baghdad last night as we did, I will not elaborate on it. Instead I will speak of Israel and what concerns us here at this time. And should concern every true Believer and follower of Yeshua HaMashiach (Jesus the Messiah) on this planet.

Don’t be distracted and don’t take your eyes off of Israel because when it is all said and done Israel and Jerusalem is what it is all about, for there is a move in the spirit far greater than what you just witnessed on TV in the natural. And for those who don’t know that or believe that, they will come to that reality soon enough. You hear of the New Prime Minister who was appointed by the world’s number one Terrorist Yasser Arafat and how pleased George Bush and Tony Blair are about this appointment. But the truth about this new appointment is not being reported.

His name is Abu Mazen, and as things stand he will be accountable to Yasser Arafat, he will not have anything to do with security or negotiating peace, Yasser Arafat will keep that authority. And of course Yasser Arafat keeps the right to fire him at any time. But Bush and Blair are pleased with this appointment. The question is why are they so pleased? We will look at that a little later on in this article, but first Abu Mazen.

It should be noted that Abu Mazen refuses to accept the legitimacy of Israel as a Jewish State, and he was one of the main reasons that Camp David failed as he would not give up the idea of the right of return for the (so-called) Palestinian refugees. He was known to have made the statement that the offer of 95% of the West Bank and Gaza was not enough, he wanted 100% meaning all the land that is now called Israel as well. At least he and Arafat do see eye to eye on that. He is a Holocaust denier, and has said many times that the Holocaust is just a big Jewish lie to steal Arab land. The one thing that he and Arafat disagree on is how to go about destroying Israel. There are many other things that I could say about the new Palestinian Prime Minister that Bush and Blair are so excited about but I will leave it for another time.

What I am about to say may upset a few, but it needs to be said, some may say the timing of my saying this is wrong, because of the war in Iraq. But it is because of the war in Iraq and nearness of what is about to happen in Israel that it needs to be said, now.

First to all the Believers who will read this, if President Bush is a "Christian" and that is not for you or I to judge he is at best one who has bought into the replacement theology. Meaning that the nation of Israel in the prophetic Word of God is not the same to him as it is to me and I hope to you. Therefore he has no problem forcing Israel to give away God’s land to the enemies of God. It is however obvious that he does accept Israel as an important friend to the United States, but not as important as the EU, the Arab oil rich world, Russia, or a host of others. Therefore Israel can be sacrificed for what he considers the betterment of the United States and the world. He is wrong and very wrong, for God has other plans of which we are all about to discover, and I might add the hard way.

President Bush does not want to end up as his father, a one term President, and he knows that somehow me must deliver something that looks like peace in the world, starting with the Middle east. He has spent enormous amounts of money, nearly bankrupting the United States at this point, and may very well finish that job soon. On top of that he has promised billions to everyone who will come to his side to help him destroy the man who tried to kill his father. So when it is all said and done he must have a sacrificial lamb to offer those at the door threatening to destroy him.

In the meantime Tony Blair who has stood faithfully when others ran is in an even worse political situation or at least a more immediate one. On top of everything else he has a pressing Islamic problem threatening to take over his country. And knows that if President Bush does not offer up Israel however clever he may be able to do it, they are both finished.

Bush’s first job was to deceive Ariel Sharon into believing his big lie. That lie was that when it is all said and done he would stand with Israel to the end. What Sharon didn’t understand was the last part of the sentence, to the end. Now what we here in Israel are wondering is why Sharon hasn’t woke up, because this Bush Road Map was not to take place until after the war with Iraq, and after Arafat ceased all violence and Palestinian incitement. But in a surprise move Bush did it earlier to gain support from the EU, Arab World, and other, without notifying Israel before he did, starting the sacrifice of Israel a little earlier than he intended.

So we are about to see a one sided agreement much like that of Oslo, Sharon will act like he agrees knowing that it spells the end of the Jewish State unless something supernatural happens, and it will. Simply because Sharon doesn’t know what else to do at this juncture. But if he doesn’t wake up in time, Israel will be sacrificed to safe Tony Blair’s job, and hopefully to get Bush re-elected, plus a host of other reasons to numerous to mention here. In the mean time the EU, Arab World, Russia and China will be smiling and the UN will come back into power even greater than before. All the above spells very bad news for anything left of Israel.

We Jews have been the blunt of the ills of mankind for a very long time, and nothing has changed, the evil forces who will do anything to hold off the appearance of the coming Messiah are hard at work. It has always been their top priority to kill all the Jews. What we are witnessing is their final effort and many will die because of the lack of good men and women doing what they know to be the right thing. Many who call themselves Christians have been totally deceived by the acts of George W. Bush and I know that this report will cause many to go separate ways. But the truth needs to be told and if given the opportunity I will tell it.

I think what has saddened me more than anything is the fact that Jews around the world who can return to their God given land have not done so. And many who what to return are simply unable. For if enough Jews had returned to Israel things would be much different, for the only sure way to save Israel is to fill Israel with Jews. Yet we see once again Jews in America and elsewhere who are doing well "financially" they just will not let go and follow the call from God to all Jews to return to Israel. So it is for a large part the fault of the Jews as well as those who want to destroy us today. For if they would in obedience return to Israel, then Israel would be much stronger.

But I will close with this, what George W. Bush is about to do, will cause the total destruction of the United States of America. And there is absolutely no doubt about it, for God is not a man that He should lie. Gen. 12:3

So far we are not expecting any attack from Saddam (if he is still alive) and other than the Palestinians dancing in the streets with pictures of Saddam, and a few regular daily terrorist attacks still happening, all is the same here.

Hizbullah has been told by Assad of Syria to sit still or else. He does not want Damascus destroyed and he knows Israel is coming straight to him if Hizbullah attacks. But this thing is far from over and the next few days will show us all many things.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel, and all the IDF soldiers, and all the coalition soldiers who are fighting the Islamic enemy. Pray for this Ministry and your part in it. Shalom, jerry golden