Report: Saddam put Scuds and launchers on trucks, hid them under bridges
The Jerusalem Post

26 March 2003

Channel 1 reported that it has learnt that Saddam is hiding missile launchers, of Russian manufacture, and 'Scud' missiles on specially constructed trucks which move around the country.

Channel 1 says that it has learnt from Israeli officials that some of these trucks may have been hidden under bridges in western Iraq, and that US and coalition forces have been bombing bridges and trucks in that part of the country intensively for the past few days.

Hiding trucks under bridges makes them invisible to satellite surveillance and coalition warplanes.

Israeli officials told Channel 1 that these trucks are fully capable of launching 'Scud' missiles.

Channel 1 TV reports that Saddam Hussein has handed over command of Iraq's western territory to his son Qusei in a move that suggests that if Saddam were to be killed or incapacitated, his Qusei would be in a position to carry out his father's orders concerning potential attacks from that area.

Israel sees this as a threat and it is for this reason that Israel's threat assessment has not changed. Israel is still on high alert.