Palestinians shout 'Strike, strike Tel Aviv with chemicals' in war demos (UPDATE)
The Jerusalem Post

27 March 2003

Asking Saddam Hussein to attack Israel with chemical weapons, thousands of Palestinians marched in the West Bank and Gaza Strip on Thursday to protest the US-led war on Iraq.

In the West Bank towns of Tulkarm and Tubas, nearly 4,000 Palestinians marched through the streets, holding posters of Saddam and waving Iraqi flags. They stomped over Israeli and US flags placed on the ground. A smaller demonstration was held in Ramallah.

"Strike, strike Tel Aviv with chemicals," the crowds chanted in both towns. "Bush, the little one, you are a coward. The land of Iraq is not for you."

In the West Bank city of Hebron, about 200 Palestinian marched in solidarity with Iraq. "With our blood, with our soul, we will redeem you Saddam," they chanted as they waved Iraqi flags and posters of the Iraqi leader.

In the Gaza Strip, some 700 Palestinians took to the streets, waving Iraqi and Palestinian flags and calling for an end to the US-led war on Iraq.

Demonstrator Fatima Mukhtar, 55, who wore a headband with the inscription "We Love Saddam," said: "All of us believe that this is a time that America should be defeated and only he is capable of doing that and bringing back the hope and joy of thousands of families who are victims of Israeli and American terror."

More antiwar demonstrations are expected to be held on Friday after Muslims hold their sabbath prayers.

Israel Radio said pro-Saddam sentiment appears to be building among Palestinians as the war drags on and photographs of Iraqi civilian casualties are shown on cable television programs.

Earlier today, the Palestinian Authority issued a statement today calling on the US and Britain to halt their war in Iraq.

(With The Associated Press)