100,000 More U.S. - U.K Troops To Be Committed To Iraq War!

DEBKAfile Headlines

28 March 2003

Iraqi defense minister Sultan Hamoud warns that American troops will lay Baghdad to siege within five to ten days but will be bogged down in fierce street combat for months

As DEBKAfile predicted, Washington decides to send 100,000 troop reinforcements to Iraq

Several hundred Lebanese Hizballah volunteers for Saddam’s army are on their way to Baghdad through Syria in a convoy organized by Syrian Army

DEBKAfile reported earlier that a Syrian bus hit by a US missile was part of the flow of Syrian-sponsored volunteers to Baghdad

Kuwait says its Patriot anti-missile battery shot down one of possible two Iraqi missiles believed Scuds fired at US Ali Salem air base north of Kuwait City Thursday

Southward breakouts of Special Republican Guards from Baghdad area reported Wednesday night and Thursday

DEBKAfile: Fresh movements indicate Saddam has switched tactics - sending elite forces to meet advancing US troops head-on outside Baghdad. Al Medina Division heading towards Najef, Nebuchadnezzar moving towards al Kut

Large Iraqi column of military vehicles is still moving south towards Najef in central Iraq, scene of earlier battle with US troops in which Iraqis sustained hundreds of losses.