Ehud Barak suggests all Iraqi WMD stored in Baghdad
The Jerusalem Post

29 March 2003

Former Israeli prime minister Ehud Barak spoke to journalists in Melbourne recently about the war in Iraq, The Australian reports.

Barak praised Australia's contribution to the war as "very important to Bush and Blair symbolically, but it is also important operationally since you supply something which is in very short supply, namely special forces."

Barak told the reporters he believes the war could take another 5-9 weeks: another week or two to completely surround Baghdad, and a further month or two to depose Hussein.

He noted that every serious intelligence service has hard evidence that Hussein possesses weapons of mass destruction. "But it's hard intelligence evidence," he said, "not hard evidence you could use in a court."

Regarding its whereabouts, "Hussein knew he would have to retreat into Baghdad," Barak said, "So he long ago ordered the removal of all the hardware into Baghdad."