DEBKAfile Intelligence Report Headlines

30 March 2003


In dawn raid Monday, US helicopters, tanks and ground troops stormed Shatra, north of Nasiriya, aiming for senior Iraqi officials directing guerrilla attacks including Saddam’s cousin Ali Hassan al-Majid.

Powell warns Syria to stop backing Iraq. In second US warning to Damascus in week, Secretary says Damascus takes responsibility for its choices and its consequences.

Palestinian Jihad Islami leader in Damascus announces first blow for Saddam struck in Netanya, brigade of suicides in place in Baghdad. Iraq reports 4000 Arab suicides arrive ready to die for Saddam.

Constant allied air-missile raids on Baghdad re-target Iraqi information ministry Sunday night, also main Saddam’s Fedayeen training camp, presidential palace, intelligence compound and anti-air missile launchers

British Operation James (as in Bond) continues Monday around Basra after “hardest day of fighting” in which one UK Marine lost. Iraqi colonel killed, general captured.

Kurdish spokesman reports loss of 17 Kurdish militiamen, 120-150 Ansar members killed in battle fought by Kurdish-US special forces at al Qaeda-linked Ansar base in enclave north of Halabja

This facility was first exposed by DEBKAfile last year when al Qaeda operatives received WMD instruction from Iraqi intelligence trainers

North of Kuwait City, 15 GIs reported hurt when truck smashed into group of US soldiers lining up outside PX shop at Udairi Camp Sunday

DEBKAfile’s War Diary covers Uday Hussein’s army of guerrilla-suicide terrorists who follow al Qaeda’s former use of pickup trucks for terror in Afghanistan and Palestinian suicide tactics against Israel.

Israeli defense minister to Sunday’s cabinet meeting: State of war readiness remains in place for Home Front Command, Air Force, Intelligence and short-notice reserve call-up. Public told to keep sealed rooms and gas masks close.

US Marine Huey chopper crashes in southern Iraq: Three dead, one injured. Cause unknown

Jihad Islami explosives workshop discovered in Israeli Arab village of Jaljouliya. First time bomb facility found within Green Line - not far from Sunday's Netanya attack. DEBKAfile: To surmount security fence going up on Green Line, Palestinian terror chiefs are placing terror installations and resources in Israeli Arab localities.

Condition stabilized of young Israeli soldier who blocked Palestinian suicide bomber’s entry to London Café in Israeli coastal town of Netanya. Bomber blew himself up Sunday at café entrance in crowded square injuring 40 others, six seriously.

Two armed Palestinians carried out shooting rampage in grounds of Kibbutz Erez near Gaza Strip. They were killed escaping Israeli security forces. No one hurt in second Palestinian terrorist attack Sunday.