1,200 women soldiers called up
The Jerusalem Post

31 March 2003

For the first time in the history of the state, the army has issued emergency reserve duty call-up orders to 1,200 women.

"The response was overwhelming, not one refused," Col. Benny Dor, the Home Front Command's adjutancy officer, told The Jerusalem Post. The women were called to service last Wednesday and Thursday, Dor said. "We called them up the night before to inform them and the following day, everyone showed up."

The women's emergency call-ups were for an unlimited period, like those of men, Dor noted. They will join hundreds of reservists already deployed since preparations for the war on Iraq began months ago, when the Air Force called up reserve units to man batteries of Patriot and Arrow interceptor missiles throughout the country.

The women soldiers, said Dor, have been deployed in a variety of positions. They are coordinating operations in command centers, taking communication posts, or setting up positions on rooftops where they will monitor incoming missile attacks and direct security and emergency forces to the site.

Others have been deployed to schools and institutions to counsel the public on what to do in the event of an attack, and still others will be on hand to distribute medication and vaccinate the public in the event of a chemical attack.
Some of the reservists called up recently have already been discharged, said Dor.

Despite reports claiming that reservists lack motivation to serve, Dor said, "in times of emergency, those called to serve their country do so immediately. It is very encouraging."