Remembering The Dead Microbiologists Who Disappeared Mysteriously Late 2001

Patricia Doyle wrote:

Hello: I am concerned about the fact that they all died, or went missing etc within a period of a few weeks. This disturbs me greatly. I think that, as mentioned previously, when each scientist completed his designated research, he was murdered. A conspiracy can only continue when very few know of it, and those few are at the top level. I believe that the scientists did not know what they were really working on, therefore, they were eliminated after their work was completed. This prevented them from realizing what was really going on. This is in the highest levels of govt.
military and biotech. You may start to see military bigwigs begin to die off as well, followed by govt. people.

I am not sure if it plays in with 9/11. I don't think that this is bin laden or mid east terrorists at all. This is bioweaponeers and the military/pharmaceutical industrial complex.

I believe that the mousepox that was altered to 100% kill rate is a give away. Remember, the recent death of Dr. Nguyen in his lab CSIRO was the same lab that altered mousepox with the IL4, making it virulent.

We are in the dawn of a new age of bioweapons, i.e genetic weapons. Legionella that causes pneumonia that triggers Mutiple
Sclerosis was created by Soviets. We will have such diseases that incapacitate and cause autoimmune diseases like lupus. I think you will see a
lot of Lupus in the next year. Then we will have the doomesday bioweapons that target specific genetic DNA types. This is what I think the
new smallpox weapon will be. Vaccine will not work. The only people protected will be those who are not genetically ethnically targeted by bioweaponeers.

Vaccines will be useless and obsolete. They might even be altered to infect people. I won't be rolling up my sleeve any time soon for
anthrax, ebola, plague, or smallpox vaccines. Bacterias that trigger autoimmune illness, or vaccines that do the same. Anthrax vaccine during the Persian Gulf war come to mind.

Patricia Doyle, M.D.