Will practice shooting while close to Persian Gulf War area!

03.04.2003 [ 20:50 ]


According to the information of "Izvestia", already on Thursday, on 3 April, the ships of Pacific Ocean fleet (TOF) must leave for the distant march into Indian Ocean (about how it was prepared this visit, "Izvestiya" they wrote on 5 March).Together with two large antisubmarine warfare ships and accompanying tanker, according to our data, departs the nuclear powered submarine with the nuclear weapons aboard.In Indian Ocean, in the neighborhood with the Persian Gulf, Pacific Ocean seamen will reunite with the squadron of ships of Black Sea fleet, which emerges in the sea during the same days this the first naval march of this scale from the times of the Soviet Union. Order about ship output/yield TOF into the zone, which borders on the Persian Gulf, brought with himself recently from Moscow to Vladivostok commander of the navy Victor Fedorov.

In the march under the command of the captain of 1 ranks Of terekhina leave large antisubmarine warfare ships (BPK)"marshal Shaposhnikov" and "Admiral of the Panteleis" in tracking of the vessel of guarantee.In the press center TOF to "Izvestia" they did not the day before confirm, but also they did not refute this information.At the moment/torque of the signing of number the ships were found in the 4- hour readiness, moreover aboard there were already the colleagues of military counter espionage, in the routine arriving aboard the ship at the quite last moment/torque. On the assertion of seamen, their ships are for the first time in many years completed and supplied "under the string".According to the unofficial information above-water detachment will accompany atomic multipurpose submarine with the cruise missiles and the nuclear weapons aboard.Ships

TOF must be connected up Indian Ocean with the detachment of the warships of Black Sea fleet headed by rocket cruiser "Moskva", after which Russian naval grouping will represent squadron with number approximately 10 warships - in Indian Ocean seamen will increase combat training, including with conducting of practice shootings.In the course of the accomplishment of objectives in the sea considerable attention will be given to finalizing questions of opposition to the threats of international terrorism, poaching, to protection of civil/civilian navigation, to suppression of transport by the sea of narcotics.

The approaches of warships into the foreign ports with the friendly visits are planned.Joint exercises with the fleets of friendly states are possible, reported to "Izvestia" source in the staff TOF, after recalling that in the Soviet years in Indian Ocean 8-4 operational squadron VMF OF THE USSR bore a constant duty. Between themselves the seamen speak, that Russia is intended to demonstrate the possibility of its fleet and the capability of the country for settling/standing of its interests at any point of terrestial globe.

At the same time source in the staff TOF emphasized that the problems can arise with practice shootings.

In Indian Ocean Russia does not have polygons/ranges, and numerous agreements are necessary according to the international standards. Furthermore, one cannot fail to consider the war in the Persian Gulf. It is possible that the Russian ships will approach the zone of combat operations close.

According to the international standards to the strange ships it is permitted to approach up to the distance to 3 kabel'tovykh (1 hawser - 185,2 m).In the Soviet years American seamen approached up to the distance, which makes it possible to talk.Much will now depend on concrete/specific situation and skill of Russian commanders to negotiate.But, as they complete, in any case of lingual barrier it will not be. - commander "Admiral Panteleyeva" manages English as we with you - by Russian.Translators it will not be required, assured source in the staff of fleet.According to the information of "Izvestia", the march will be prolonged from 6 to 8 months.

Source: Oleg Zhunusov Izvestiya

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