SARS around the world
The Jerusalem Post

4 April 2003

As of Friday, SARS has killed 81 worldwide, with 46 victims in mainland China, 17 in Hong Kong, seven in Canada, four in Vietnam, five in Singapore, and two in Thailand. More than 2,200 have been sickened in more than a dozen countries.


Health officials report possible new cases in three children who arrived from Canada, where the disease is believed to have spread from Hong Kong.


World Health Organization team begins research in southern Chinese province of Guangdong, aimed at finding origins of illness. Experts plan to interview patients, visit town where first case was reported in November.


Airport officials say airlines have canceled 18 percent of flights into and out of Hong Kong after WHO warned travelers to avoid the territory. Police say they are searching for five people who failed to report to health officials under a quarantine order. About 600 affected people have been checking in as directed.


Government reports three possible new cases, bringing its total to 17. The U.S. Navy's Seventh Fleet, based in Yokoska, south of Tokyo, cancels all but "mission essential" port calls and other travel to China and Hong Kong.


Malaysian health authorities threaten jail terms of up to two years for passengers who fail to declare if they have flu-like symptoms.


The Association of Thai Travel Agents says the country's tourism industry faces a sharp decline in revenues and a fall in hotel bookings of up to 30 percent due to disease fears.