Are Coalition Forces Targeting Russian Diplomatic and Residential Sections?

Russian Intel

6 April 2003

Americans dropped the bomb to journalists 06.04.2003 [ 00:45 ] The aviation of allies renewed today the bombardments of the center of Baghdad.One of the projectiles was torn 100 m of the hotel "Palestine", in which they live the majority of journalists, who illuminate situation in the Iraqi capital.Hotel is located in that part of the city, where there are many business/business-like and habitable buildings.Government communication/supply line center also here is located.It is unknown that in this region they wanted to destroy coalition forces.Let us recall that very recently, in the course of air attacks on Baghdad several bomb attacks were substituted on the residential section, in which is located the embassy of Russian federation in Iraq.The safety of personnel of Russian diplomatic representation proved to be under the direct threat. In this connection to the ministry of foreign affairs of Russia was caused the brine/ambassador OF THE USA in Moscow to Aleksandr Vershbo, where to it it was indicated to the inadmissibility of similar actions.MID RF required so that the American authorities would undertake the urgent and comprehensive measures for the nonrecurrence of hence such dangerous and unacceptable incidents.Analogous demarche was undertaken by the ambassador of Russia to Washington.

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In THE REGION MOSULA IRAQI TROOPS PASSED Into COUNTERATTACK 06.04.2003 [ 00:15 ] Iraqi troops passed into the counterattack to the east from Mosul city on the north of Iraq.The subdivisions of Iraqi army occupy the previously left by them positions, which passed in the recent days under the control of the kurd hits of "peshmerga" (partisan). Source:To

Powerful explosion thundered in the center of Baghdad 06.04.2003 [ 00:40 ] Powerful explosion thundered on Saturday in the evening near the hotel "Palestine" in the center of Baghdad, reported Jordan radio.Eyewitnesses saw bright flash/burst near gostinitsy.V to this hotel they are placed many foreign journalists, who illuminate war in Iraq, and also are conducted the regular press conferences, organized by the ministry of information. At the moment of explosion in the hotel was situated the minister of information of Iraq Seyyit ace -Saxxaf, who gave interview. Near the hotel there are no military targets whatever. Source:Corr. OF RIA Of "news" Pavel Davydov (11 komment.)