Saddam Hussein divided Baghdad into 5 defended sectors
07.04.2003 [11:50]

Russian Intel

This morning Saddam Hussain, the president and leader of Iraq, divided
the capital of the country into 5 defended localities (sectors).

The first sector called Khemri (Red) is defended the Hammurapi
brigade with lieutenant-general Muslim Hussain at Tikriti in command.
This sector includes the high command HQ, Ministry of Information and 7
other objects.

The second one inamed Azrag Fatekh (Sky-blue) is defended by 3 tank
and 1 mechanized brigade from the Ad Nida division with general Galib
abd Ali in command. This second includes the basic centers of the
life-support system of the city.

The third sector is Ramadi (Grey), the line from Salekh Khana to
Abu-Harraib. There are more than 2 thousand fighters of the Al-Khas
999 brigade there. The sector is commanded by major-general Khamid al

Sector 4 is called Abyad, the line from Akhavat-Rezan to az-Zubair
with 2100 fighters and 300 fedains from a newly-created shakhid
(kamikaze) unit Jundul Saddami Lashkare Erag.

The fifth sector is Buni, the outskirts of Manavi, defended by 3400
fighters from the 4th Division and 1200 guards from RG unit Medina.
General Selim bin Rashid at Tikriti is in command of this sector.

[ translated by Necroman ]