List of the Mysteriously Vanished Iraqi Military

225 thousand republican guards (vanished)
176 thousand regular army personnel (vanished)
100 thousand saddam fedayeen (vanished)
14 thousands of mojahideen. (Suicidally brave fighters)
Normal police (vanished)
Firefighters (vanished)
Prisoners........ (vanished)
POW's .... (Kuwaitits and Americans )
150 Fixed wing jet fighters...

All in less than 24 hours

These forces were not vanquished in combat, nor their weapons destroyed and/or captured. The enemy suddenly vanished into thin air.

Our military is still not claiming total victory. What is the strategy that called for these forces to simply disappear? Until we can account for these units, we must remain vigiliant.

Cutting Edge Ministries

April 13, 2003