Recap of Key Events Occurring On April 19

First Day of 13-Day Satanic Blood Sacrifice To The Beast

Author Anonymous

20 April 2003

On April 19, 1775, British troops from Boston confronted a band of armed farmers in Lexington's town square. Said John Parker, the farmers' leader, "If they mean to have a war, let it begin here." Though unclear, it seems likely that the first shots were fired only by accident. Men died and the British moved on to nearby Concord, where the battle began in earnest. Nearly a century later, Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote stirringly of that day's events:

"By the rude bridge that arched the flood,
Their flag to April's breeze unfurled,
Here once the embattled farmers stood,
And fired the shot heard round the world."

--"Concord Hymn," a poem, sung as a hymn at a July 4, 1837 ceremony
to mark the completion of the Concord Monument

April 19 1933 -- President Franklin D. Roosevelt takes the US off the gold standard.

April 19, 1943 -- Nazi Storm Troopers used flame throwers that incinerated courageous Jewish freedom fighters who had been resisting the Holocaust in the Warsaw Ghetto!

April 19, 1961-Failed Bay of Pigs disastrous invasion of Cuba- freedom fighters betrayed by being promised
air support, which was not provided

April 19 1989 -- Forty seven U.S. sailors were killed by an explosion in a gun turret on the USS Iowa
during gunnery exercises in the waters off Puerto Rico. Turret explosion is initially blamed on alleged
suicide pact between homosexual sailors, as conjectured by Naval Investigative Service & as leaked to
NBC News.

April 19, 1992 -- first attempted raid on the Weaver Family.

April 19, 1993 -- Federal agents attack Branch Davidian compound near Waco, Texas, shooting or
incinerating over 80 women, men, & children.

April 19, 1995 -- Oklahoma City At 9:02 a.m.: A massive car-bomb explosion was used as a detonator of; or
a diversion of attention away from, other INTERNAL EXPLOSIONS