Arafat’s Private Terrorist Army – A Partial List


12 May 2003

DEBKAfile has obtained exclusively the first partial list of the estimated 200 terrorist masterminds, controllers and operatives whom Yasser Arafat harbors and activates from his headquarters in Ramallah. Some are still serving officers in Palestinian security services. They are all members of his Fatah group and its suicide terror arm, the al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, one squad of which shot dead Zion David on Sunday, March 11, in a terror attack timed for US secretary of state Colin Powell’s latest peace mission.

1. Oni Khilo ‘Abu Ayad’ – a senior officer in the Palestinian General Intelligence

2. Mahmoud Damra – a senior officer in Arafat’s Presidential Guard (Force 17) and one of Col. Tawfiq Tirawi’s top operatives

3. Ali Aliyan

4. Ali Barghuthi

5. Ali Darwish, aka “Abu Nawras”

6. Ahmad Al-Am

7. Mohammad Shawish

8. Khaled Shawish

9. Kamel Ghanam – 8. and 9. are members of Arafat’s Presidential Guard

10.Mohamad Ghassan Sheikh

11.Mouzid Sawaftah

12.Ramzi Oubeida

13.Mohamad Rahal

14.Rafat Maarouf

15.Tareq Kondah

16.Dawoud Al-Haj

17.Shadi Saida