(in Russia)

May 13, 2003

World War III has begun. Russia is backing Saddam Hussein in a war of attrition. The U.S. stock market could plunge, taking out $500 billion equity!

"Investing for a War Economy", by James DiGeorgia, Publisher, 21st Century Investor

Dear fellow investor:

With the help of the KGB, Saddam Hussein is alive and well in Russia, and about to begin his underground jihad to drive the U.S. out of Iraq! Here's the breaking story...

The Bush administration has a HUGE problem. Where's Saddam Hussein? The Pentagon says they killed him with 4 bunker-busting bombs. And the President says, "The regime of Saddam Hussein is no more."

But in the meantime, they're frantically combing the rubble for a big toe, a little finger, a scrap of skin that might make a DNA match, as they are desperate to officially claim Hussein DEAD!

But they're not going to get a DNA match.

British Intelligence says Saddam Hussein is ALIVE. And our Middle Eastern intelligence sources tell us the same. And that means the Bush administration's worst-case scenario is about to unfold.

Saddam Hussein's sudden disappearance along with nearly every top-ranking member of his regime was secretly planned months ago with the help of Syria and Russia! Hussein made it safely to Syria immediately following his public appearance in Baghdad on April 9th. But he was in Syria for only a few hours before the KGB whisked him to safe hiding in Russia.

U.S. victory over Iraq too easy

The details of Hussein's daring plan are just now coming to light. He knew he couldn't win a conventional war against the U.S. He knew that to stand and fight was suicide. So, he conspired with the KGB and his Baath Party neighbor, Bashar Assad, to devise a daring plan to lure the U.S. into thinking it had easily won the war.

Why do you think the oil fields and bridges to Baghdad weren't blown up? Why do you think the elite Republican Guards suddenly evaporated? Why do you think no chemical weapons were used against our troops? And no serious resistance was met in Baghdad?

Hussein knows that the U.S. will now rapidly sink into a political quagmire, trying to democratize several Iraqi factions that have hated one another for generations.

Once the U.S. is mired, Saddam will then begin the real war -- a war of attrition! He plans to use guerrilla tactics -- suicide bombers, snipers, saboteurs -- to kill Americans and assassinate new Iraqi leaders, in order to thwart democratization and steadily erode U.S. public opinion until a newly installed American president in 2005 pulls out (the Vietnam War model).

Most disturbing, Russia is backing Hussein in his guerrilla war to defeat the U.S. and return to power! And you'll learn why in a moment!

Could this be the start of World War III?

Yes! And that's why I want you to have a special intelligence report, "The KGB and Saddam's Underground Jihad" In it, you'll discover the truth about the war that Fox, CNN, and MSNBC couldn't report because they didn't know it. As it turns out, being embedded with the Coalition Forces meant being in bed with the Pentagon!

My name is James DiGeorgia, publisher of 21st Century Investor. And I'm writing today to tell you that, contrary to popular belief, a new bull market is not about to begin. The only thing about to begin is an invasion of Syria, along with the next down leg of the bear market!

And that's why I also want you to have "Profiting from the Bush Doctrine," our new report on war-economy stocks that will buck the bear trend and multiply 5-fold over the next 3 to 5 years, as a result of massive government contracts. In just the next several weeks, you can get double, triple, even 5 times the profit of any down-move in the indexes if the market crashes. You'll see how in a moment. But first, let me clear up the misinformation the Pentagon released via our duped press.

Republican Guards not decimated as reported

If you're wondering why Saddam's loyal Republican Guards "evaporated into thin air," it was not that they deserted Hussein. But to live to fight another day. They simply took off their uniforms and went home. Our intelligence sources tell us...

The American people have been fooled by pictures of hundreds of Iraqis cheering U.S. troops, while swatting images of Hussein with their shoes. close look at the footage of Hussein's giant statue being pulled down in Fardos Square in Baghdad. The city is home to 5.7 million Iraqis. And yet the crowd around the statue amounts to no more than 300 people.

Peanut-brained talking heads on every network called this the equivalent of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Let's get real. In any one of our big cities you could find 300 people to cheer the downfall of President Bush. And I don't say that to be disrespectful. I fully support the President and admire his leadership. But he's in a huge jam! And when the truth comes out, our financial markets will crash!

Here's the problem: A substantial percentage of Iraqis prefer Saddam over a democracy that will empower their enemies. Iraq is made of three warring factions -- the Sunnis, the Shiites, and the Kurds. Under Saddam, the Sunnis were privileged, holding important government and military positions and controlling the economy. By contrast, the Shiites and Kurds were tortured, massacred, and brutally oppressed.

American democracy can't work for the
Sunnis and the Shiites don't want it!

Now, under the U.S. occupation, the Shiites and Kurds will gain power, while the Sunnis lose it. The Hussein-loyal Sunnis, with only an 18% stake, will be rendered powerless against a 60% Shiite majority. And thus 4.5 million Sunnis loyal to Hussein aren't buying the freedom the U.S. is selling!

What's more, the Shiites will never practice a U.S.-style democracy. They want a strict Islamic state. Witness the thousands of Shiites who've already taken to the streets in anti-American protests, carrying banners saying "No to America" and "No to Secularism" -- a far larger number than the miniscule 300 who cheered the fall of Hussein's statue!

Also the influential Shiite cleric Ahmed al-Kubeisy has already cautioned America, saying "You are the masters today...but I warn you...get out before we kick you out."

Since the majority Shiites will only accept an Iran-style Islamic state, and since the U.S. can't allow that, nothing but civil rebellion lies ahead. And that's why Hussein and his 4.5 million Sunni followers believe they can outsmart the Bush administration and eventually return to power.

Bush fears guerrilla war
and growing Iraqi quagmire

President Bush is petrified over the prospect of a prolonged guerrilla war. He's desperate to kill or capture Hussein and his Baath party leaders, many of whom are hiding in Syria. And he must also quickly seize the weapons of mass destruction that Hussein is hiding there. The dreaded "Q" word is already being whispered in White House corridors. And Bush's closest political advisor, Karl Rove, has told the President, while war raises the poll numbers, a quagmire sinks them. With election day 18 months away, Bush has no choice but to invade Syria!

Consider the Bush administration's rhetoric...

Even before the fighting in Iraq was over, President Bush said, "We believe there are chemical weapons in Syria." Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said, "Being on the terrorist list is not some place I'd want to be." And Secretary of State Colin Powell warned Syria, "Do not offer shelter to Iraqi officials fleeing Baghdad."

Make no mistake: a much larger more dangerous war is just ahead. And U.S. military spending, as a percentage of our GDP, will set new records in the next 5-1/2 years. And that's why you must read, "Profiting from the Bush Doctrine," which details the companies in line for billion-dollar government contracts under Bush's pre-emptive strike policy!

Just ahead, I'll preview the lucrative war-economy stocks in our report, plus tell you how to get your FREE copy. But first, let's see why Russia turned out to be a bigger backstabber than France! Russia uses cold war tactics
to undercut American goals

Ever since the fall of the Berlin Wall, Russian hardliners have not been happy about Russia's diminished -- even disgraced -- position as a failed superpower. And they're especially disturbed over America's steadily rising power, which they see as coming at Russia's expense!

The neo-conservative Bush administration is made up of hardliners, too. It's no secret they want to take out the regimes of not just Iraq, but also of Iran and North Korea (the axis of evil). And they also want to weaken the extremist Saudi Arabian sect, the Wahhabis, who were the real evildoers behind the 9/11 attack on America.

All together, the Bush war cabinet wants to eliminate oppressive despotic rule and extremist Islamic fundamentalism -- those supporting terrorists and seeking weapons of mass destruction," believing that's the only way to bring peace, freedom, and prosperity to Muslims throughout the Middle East, as well as safety to America and her allies. But equally important...

They want to leverage this unique moment in history, when the U.S. is at the height of its power, to increase and ensure America's world supremacy for generations to come.

It's this latter goal the Russians are anxious to thwart, as they're convinced Bush's plan for reordering the Middle East is less about Muslim freedom than it is about controlling the world's largest reserves of oil and gas.

Oil and gas have become very important to Russia's economy, representing one-third of their national revenue. And just recently, skyrocketing prices for these essential commodities triggered an economic boom that has hardliners believing Russia can return to superpower status. So, now it's a war over oil, and the power it represents!

Bush's betrayal of Putin helps Russian hardliners

In spite of their buddy-buddy appearance, Bush and Putin are sharply at odds. Putin felt betrayed when Bush reneged on his promise to give Russia control of the bulk of the Caspian Sea oil reserves, following the Afghanistan war. And Putin's failure to secure this prize in exchange for Russia's help against the Taliban has played into the hands of Russia's old guard, who have gained power at his expense!

However reluctantly, Putin is on board for Hussein's underground jihad which the hardliners hope will weaken the U.S. politically and economically...

To this end, Russia sent a top-level security team to Damascus, and in several secret meetings with Iraqi and Syrian officials, engineered the escape and safekeeping of Saddam Hussein, his top leaders, and their weapons of mass destruction.

Call it Afghanistan in reverse. By helping Saddam Hussein, they'll be keeping the U.S. bogged down in a war that can't be won, but can drag on indefinitely. This will be extremely costly to the U.S. economy and its financial markets, and could also lead to widespread civil unrest, causing the defeat of the Bush Administration in the next election.

Most Americans think the U.S. is sitting pretty. But, so far, all is going according to the Iraqi-Russian plan. And that's why you must read our reports and alter your investment plans immediately. With Russia backing Hussein, Bush's plan just got a lot more difficult

National Security Advisor
Condoleeza Rice hopping mad

The CIA got wind of Russia's role in Hussein's planned escape, and that brought a furious Condoleeza Rice to Moscow on Sunday, April 6th. There, she angrily confronted Vladimir Putin with intelligence showing that Russia had sent operatives to Damascus to confer with top Iraqi officials, including General Ali Hassan Majid and Vice President, Taha Yassin Ramadam.

Our sources tell us...

Putin was not intimidated by Rice. He dismissed her claims, and just as angrily demanded the U.S. live up to its promises. This was bad news for the feckless Rice, who has now failed in both tasks entrusted to her by the President -- to deliver Putin and the Russians to the U.S.-led coalition against Iraq, and failing that, to at least keep them out of the way!

In any case, it appears the hardliners have gotten the upper hand and Putin has been weakened. Clearly, these former cold warriors are in charge of Russia's foreign policy, and they're going to see that Russia either shares in the black gold, or the U.S. pays a dear price for it.

Bush has no choice now. He can't give in to the Russians. Rather, he must show them they don't have the power they think they have. And that means he'll soon invade Syria to smash Hussein's guerrilla war before it starts!

Here is what we believe will happen next:

* Saddam moved over $40 billion in cash outside Iraq
The money is so well hidden in a network of money handlers and dummy corporations that tracking it down may be impossible. This money will finance a prolonged guerrilla war designed to drive the U.S. out of Iraq!

* Millions of Hussein Sunnis join the underground jihad!
The majority of Iraqis do not want democracy. The Shiites want an Islamic state. The Kurds want to break away and form Kurdistan. And the Hussein-loyal Sunnis, at just 18% of the population, have nothing to gain from a democracy. They'll fight a war of attrition until a newly installed U.S. president pulls the U.S. out of the quagmire!

* The U.S. invades Syria, and the Arab world erupts!
Syrian President, Bashar Assad, is betting his close connection with the Russians will enable him to protect the Iraqi leadership, as well as the weapons he's hiding for Hussein. Bush can't let Iraq turn into a Viet Nam-like quagmire, and that means he'll invade Syria. Watch for an anti-American jihad to spread like wildfire throughout the Middle East, triggering increased terrorist attacks and more U.S military action!

* War costs skyrocket, Dow sinks!
Fighting a guerrilla war in Iraq, having to expand the war to Syria, Iran and other Arab countries, plus dealing with more terror attacks will cost the U.S. upwards of $700 billion, devastating the American economy. Travel, leisure and entertainment, home sales, even the auto industry will hit the skids, as consumer confidence sinks. The Dow could plunge and millions of Americans will lose their jobs!

Will Bush be re-elected? Yes, because the American people will not abandon their president during a war. So get ready for a prolonged war and record military spending over the remaining 5-1/2 years of Bush's administration.