Republican Congressmen support Partial Birth Abortion!!

Contrary to his touching pleas, Rep. Jim Greenwood (R-PA) didn't really care about endangered mothers-to-be when he sought to unscrupulously amend the Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act. No, his phony amendment -- supported by 22 other so-called Republican Congressmen -- was just another attempt by pro-abortion activists to scuttle the life-saving legislation.

This is not how Republicans operate! Such deceit in the GOP's name cannot be tolerated! Your help is needed to let those who play fast and loose with the Republican name know that a day of reckoning is coming.

Please go to and read what is at stake.

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Cutting Edge Note: If you really believe this counterfeit Partial Birth Abortion Ban will save babies' lives, you are sadly mistaken. To see the true facts, please read : -- "Another Look At The Horror of the Partial Birth Abortion Ban" -- This bill redefines Partial Birth Abortion right out existence, so this procedure can continue under a different definition! This bill may actually legalize this barbaric procedure.

This interview with a practicing OB/GYN reveals that there is no danger to the life of the mother so great that killing the baby is called for. Therefore, the author of this email warning is not only dead wrong, but is spreading disinformation! -- Warning! Partial Birth Abortion Ban Just Passed By Congress Contains Same Loophole That Has Allowed Roe vs Wade To Kill 43,000,000 babies!