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Call For Members To Fight Gay Agenda

July 8, 2003 Email

You are called to assist the Episcopalians of Episcopal Shield in taking a stand, at The Episcopal Church USA General Convention in Minneapolis this July, against the proposed blessing of same gender marriages and to oppose the election of Rev. Gene Robinson for New Hampshire's next bishop.

This is a cause that all Christians must fight for! We must come together as one holy catholic (universal) church, using our combined resources to rally the Episcopal bishops and delegates...

to support the opinion of The ECUSA House of Bishops Theology Committee that concluded in March 2003: "we cannot recommend authorizing the development of new rites for such blessings." (see Report of the Theology Committee of the House of Bishops of the Episcopal Church)
to respect the unified wisdom of the Anglican Communion, revealed at the last Lambeth Conference (with ECUSA bishops voting), that found the lifestyle "as incompatible with Scripture" and "cannot advise the legitimising or blessing" of same gender relationships or for the "ordination of those involved in such unions." (see Resolution I.11 of the 1998 Lambeth Conference)
to honor the written Word of God, the expectation of church leaders to strive for holiness, and the traditions of the Church which provide for excommunication (instead of ordination) for those in obstinate disobedience to God's moral law.