Shurat HaDin – Israel Law Center condemns yesterday’s brutal murder of a suspected Israeli agent being held in Palestinian police custody. The prisoner, Qaad Abu Shalbayah, was arrested 3 weeks ago on charges of having assisted the Israel Defense Forces in identifying and locating fugitive Palestinian terrorists in the Ramallah area.

As Palestinian police walked Abu Shalbayah to court to seek an extension of his remand, three masked assassins appeared on the street and opened fire. Abu Shalbayah was shot several times in the head. The police officers escorting Abu Shalbayah made no effort to protect him nor did they seek to capture the masked assailants as they fled. Moreover, no police investigation into this broad daylight murder is being carried out.

Eyewitnesses to the shooting in Ramallah have told Shurat HaDin that the "hit" on Abu Shalbayah was “quite obviously arranged by his police guards.”

Since the signing of the Oslo agreements between Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA) in 1993, several hundred so-called “collaborators” have been murdered by Palestinian terrorist groups. To date, the PA police have never conducted any investigation into the killings, never made any arrest of a suspect and never filed any indictment.

In recent months, hundreds of Palestinians accused of being Israeli agents have been arrested by the Palestinian police in the areas under the PA's control and are being held without trials. At least nine such prisoners have been sentenced to death after receiving speedy "trials" before Palestinian military tribunals that lasted less than one hour.

In the past year, masked gunmen of the Fatah faction have murdered three Palestinian women, who were accused of assisting Israel. Last August, Fatah killed Ikhlas Khouli, 35, a mother of seven, in the streets of Tulkarm. Three days later, the terrorist group murdered Rajah Ibrahim, 18, in Tulkarm's public square. In October, Fatah shot to death Haifa Sultan, 39, in an alley in Nablus.

According to human rights groups monitoring the PA, less than half of those accused of being collaborators, were actually in the Israeli security services' employ. Many are merely victims of family/clan disputes with members of the various terrorist organizations, while others were owed substantial sums of money by their assailants, who found the murders as an easy way to discharge their debts.

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