The Blatant Bias of the Media: CBS' Pro-"Gay" Bias:
Marketing Homosexuality to America

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Sent: Monday, July 07, 2003 10:27 AM
Subject: The Blatant Bias of the Media

> CBS' Pro-"Gay" Bias:
> Marketing Homosexuality to America
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> Last Wednesday, July 2, Irene, myself and our two children filmed a 45
> minute segment for CBS' program "Sunday Morning." Our lengthy interview
> dealt with the same-sex marriage issue.
> During the interview, Irene and I powerfully shared how I WAS "gay" -- and
> now how I am no longer homosexual. We told the interviewer how I lived
> "gay" lifestyle for over eleven years, sexually active with over 100 male
> partners -- many whom are dead today from AIDS. We told her how I walked
> away from it all in 1992 -- never to return again -- and how I DO NOT
> struggle with homosexuality whatsoever.
> Now happily married to my wife for over ten years, we clearly told the
> interviewer how homosexuality is a dangerous, destructive and unnatural
> lifestyle... how no one is born "gay"... yet a behavior that CAN and
> be permanently changed. We compared the lifestyle to that of drug
> and alcoholism -- lifestyles that one would be encouraged to seek help to
> leave -- NEVER encouraged to stay in.
> We made it very clear on camera that CBS had us on for one reason:
> I WAS a former homosexual. We told them how they would NEVER have a
> black man. We said how there is no scientific proof or research
> showing that one is born "gay." We told the interviewer how I was only
> of thousands of men and women who are living proof that homosexuals CAN
> permanently change... living proof that ANY legislation based upon the
> presupposition that one is born "gay" and cannot change - is faulty,
> and simply WRONG.
> THAT is why we say no to "gay" marriage. We told the interviewer "gay"
> marriage is a counterfeit of the "real thing"... how two men or two women
> who are looking to get married are doing nothing more than "playing
> house" -- trying to conform reality and society to their grand delusion.
> shared how REAL love and REAL tolerance is sharing the TRUTH with these
> individuals -- not passing laws and legislation allowing them to remain in
> their unhealthy lifestyle.
> We gave the current statistics of the CDC (Center for Disease Control) of
> the epidemic proportions of homosexuals with HIV/AIDS in America -- as
> as how the Supreme Court's decision on the Texas sodomy law was absolutely
> unconscionable.
> The interview aired yesterday (Sunday, July 6th) and was nothing more than
> infomercial for "gay" marriage. Our 45 minute interview -- was cut down
> less than 60 seconds. CBS NEVER mentioned that I was a former homosexual,
> but said only we were a family who for "RELIGIOUS REASONS" took a stand
> against "gay" marriage! I mentioned my Christian testimony ONCE in the
> beginning of the interview -- and did not bring it up again. Yet CBS had
> axe to grind and tried to make Christians look like "religious bigots" and
> "homophobes" -- to suit their one sided story.
> During the interview, it was clear the interviewer and the producer felt
> threatened by the answers Irene and I were giving on the issue of same-sex
> marriage, and realized our interview would do more damage to their
> piece -- rather than help it.
> If CBS truly cared about being "fair and balanced" as the producer assured
> me and aired everything we said sharing the truth in love about the
> homosexual issue, I guarantee you -- MILLIONS of American's minds on the
> homosexual issue would have changed yesterday morning.
> I guess what bothers me the most is how the producer ASSURED Irene and I
> front of 6 people in the room that no matter what she edited, she would
> sure she left in the piece that I WAS a former homosexual. Knowing the
> media, I should have expected it.
> CBS had one purpose yesterday: to make their plea and sell "gay" marriage
> to America -- and they were not going to let ANYONE stop them from doing
> Over the past several years, I've learned the power of the media to
> manipulate America -- yet any opportunity we get to present the truth --
> will continue to do so. We are going into the lion's den, however, the
> truth needs to be proclaimed - no matter how filtered it may be.
> It just goes to show how deadly and dangerous the truth of the "ex-gay"
> message on homosexuality is to the pro-"gay" movement. If people REALLY
> change -- their foundation has crumbled -- and they've lost it all. No
> basis for "gay" marriage -- no basis for "gay" adoption -- no basis for
> "gay" special rights -- no basis for promoting and pushing homosexuality
> the public schools -- and no basis for ANY laws and legislation protecting
> their sexual deviancy.
> Former homosexual men and women are hated by the "gay" activists because
> ARE the ones who live the truth -- the truth they hate and despise so
> much -- the truth which can set them free.
> The secular media will do anything and everything to keep America from
> hearing the truth, which gives me even more reason to get our message out
> louder and clearer - that NO ONE is born "gay" -- and homosexuals CAN
> completely change.
> Thanks to all who prayed this weekend -- and please keep us in your
> as we go forward. May the Lord use it for His glory!
> Stephen Bennett
> Stephen Bennett Ministries
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