Israeli Government Officials Updated On Palestinian Mega-Terror Plans

Israeli security cabinet updated Wednesday on mega-terror scenarios prepared by counter-terror center to meet latest warnings - airplane hijacks, bomb-car attacks on major hospitals, strikes against strategic targets.

Ministers heard reports on renovated Palestinian terror structures including suicide ranks and stockpiling of extended-range Qassam missiles - in Nablus as well as Gaza - under cover of truce. IDF assigned responsibility for completed sections of security fence

No official Palestinian body willing to receive first 339 Palestinian prisoners, including Hamas and Jihad Islami members, for release Wednesday.

Freed men and one woman under heavy guard are being bussed without handcuffs to four West Bank checkpoints and Gaza Strip Erez crossing. Second group of 99 will be released next week.

Still no leads to missing Israeli teenagers, Dana Bennet from Tiberias, and American student, Eliezer Klockhoft, last seen on Mt. Meron. Northern Israeli police and volunteers continue Galilee search Wednesday.

Police commissioner Aharonishki: Police will not permit Jewish entry to Temple Mount Thursday, 9th Av historical anniversary of Temple Destruction as “threat to public order”. Knesset House committee will decide Wednesday if group of members may visit Temple Mount Thursday against Israel police orders