Arafat May Attempt To Stage Mega-Terror Attacks In Synch With Stage Two of Iraq War!

by DEBKAfile Intelligence

July 13, 2003

UPDATE - July 13, 2003

DEBKAfile reports Israeli security fears Arafat will activate his new terrorist enclave for a mega-attack in an Israeli city and suicide campaign – synchronously with revived warfare in Iraq.

Counter-terror experts reveal large-scale strikes prepared in Ramallah with Iraqi and Hizballah experts ahead of Iraq War. London Observer reports IRA bomb expert arrived in Israel three weeks ago to train Palestinian terrorists in new mega-attack techniques

DEBKAfile Reports: Bush administration plans handover of quiet Iraqi areas like Kurdish and Shiite regions to allied forces to allow 148,000 US troops to forego reinforcements for tackling core of pro-Saddam resistance building up in Samarra-Falujja-Ramadi triangle.

DEBKAfile Exclusive: US intelligence sees increasing signs of Saddam’s forces regrouping in underground fortresses to resume war. Special Republic Guards units, Saddam Fedayeen and Syrian fighters appear massing in Iron Triangle