Israel Captures Irish Bomb Expert!

by DEBKAfile

14 July 2003

Israel captured Irish bomb expert, John Morgan, 40, at makeshift roadblock between Jerusalem and Ramallah Saturday. Member of Real IRA, he does not admit coming to upscale Palestinian bombing capabilities to mega level.

DEBKAfile: UK warned Israel that Morgan would arrive on British passport three weeks ago as gesture to mark Sharon’s visit to London. Israel often complained of lack of British cooperation in terror combat, most recently failure to forewarn Israel of two British Muslims who were behind Mike’s Place bombing.

Palestinian terrorist groups preparing 1,000 Qassam ground missiles for launching immediately after ceasefire, senior officer of Israeli Gaza Command reports Sunday, after Hamas tests missiles over Mediterranean. Bombs, mortar and shooting attacks still daily occurrence in southern Gaza Strip.

DEBKAfile reports Israeli security fears Arafat will activate his new terrorist enclave for a mega-attack in an Israeli city and suicide campaign – synchronously with revived warfare in Iraq.Counter-terror experts reveal large-scale strikes prepared in Ramallah with Iraqi and Hizballah experts ahead of Iraq War.