Why does George Bush keep supporting Arafat but says he isn’t?

Jerry Golden Report

July 17, 2003

At the same time when the United States is refusing to make loan guarantees to Israel and to finance the Harpoon anti missile, that would improve the US navy as well. At the same time the US has supplied the Harpoon Block II missile to Egypt making it necessary for Israel to have a defense against it. Refusing to make good on precious financial commitments to assist in the fight against Terror, and help in the needed IDF finances to fight the war against Arafat’s Terrorists organizations. The US is giving Arafat, $20 million of the $50 million already approved for Arafat this year, of course saying it will help Abu Mazen but knowing that Arafat controls all finances and all security, not to mention that nothing is said or agreed upon without his approval. But then who doesn’t know that Abu Mazen isn’t totally controlled by Arafat as well.

In addition to that $50 million the US has also approved another $75 million said to be for humanitarian programs, but of course there is no doubt who will control that humanitarian aid. Added to that another $75 million has been given through the UN. But we are not finished yet, the United States has added to that another $67 million that is said to be going for the Palestinian refugee fund, but then who do we think will control that, you got it, Mr. number 1 Terrorist himself, Yasser Arafat. This brings the total of aid to Yasser Arafat to a whopping $95 Million. But that isn’t the end of the story the EU and the Arab League gives this monster who lives only to kill Jews and destroy Israel $1 BILLION every year.

So with the Bush Administration cutting back on support for Israel at the same time increasing its support to Arafat. But it doesn’t end there, at the same time Bush is insisting that Israel release Hamas and Islamic Jihad members now in Israeli jails. It matters not that these Palestinians have Israeli blood on their hands. Many have walked into Jewish homes killing mothers and children in their beds, while others have killed dozens of innocent Jewish civilians while commuting to and from work and home. The US also insist that Israel stops the construction of the security fence that would make it difficult for suicide bomber to inter Israel proper and kill more of us.

Hamas and Islamic Jihad Terrorist quickly used a tactic in the Koran known as a Hudna, this was used by their false and evil prophet, Muhammad, every time he needed to regroup to fight again. This time Israel was getting to close to destroying the infrastructure by targeting the leaders of Hamas. So who did they turn to for help? You got it George Bush, the same George Bush who has told Israel and the whole world that Israel cannot touch Yasser Arafat.

The evidence is so over whelming that the Bush Administration has made a deal with who ever it is that controls him to destroy Israel. But what is most disturbing to us here in Israel is the control that he seems to have over Ariel Sharon. A man who has proven over and over again that his word to the Jews in Israel isn’t worth anything.

What is obvious to all of us, is we had the Palestinians on the run, Hamas was running scared having to hide from the IDF and IAF, unable to give orders to the brainwashed Islamic youth in their control, so they called a hudna. And now they are regrouping and rebuilding with weapons flowing in from Egypt once again without interference from the IDF.

I will once again say what is obvious to any observant person; there is no chance of ever making peace between the so-called Palestinians and Israelis. There in absolutely no chance of ever bringing anything that looks like democracy to Iraq. The only chance the free and God fearing world has that may resemble peace with the Islamic evil that confronts us, is to defeat it. To defeat it so severely that it will take it many years to raise its ugly bloodthirsty head again. And there is no one reading this who believes for a minute that the United States has the stomach for such a military victory against the Islamic Arab World. Therefore the end is in sight for the force that the Devil has so diabolically planned for his last effort to prolong his stay on planet earth. The stage is being set for the appearance of the anti-Christ and before he shows up all hell will break loose.

So for those who think that it is all about Israel and the Palestinians they have a surprise coming and they won’t like it. For it is important for the Devil to first secure his seat on the Temple Mount and when that happens, look out world for here he comes.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel, for all the IDF soldiers and all those who came to fight the Islamic enemy. Pray for this ministry and your part in it. God has shown us the need for a second boat, pray with us over this as well.

Shalom, jerry golden