The "Road Map" appears to be a roadmap to terror!

by DEBKAfile

18 July 2003

"West Bank: Arafat's Fatah has stepped up recruitment to the Tanzim militia and its suicide arm, the al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, the two groups which carry the brunt of terrorist attacks in and from the West Bank. It is dismantling old units and creating new ones ready for a fresh terror offensive. Logistical structures are being located in different hideouts and taking delivery of quantities of explosives and new weapons flooding in from Syria and Lebanon. Damascus is also relaying huge sums of money - mostly from sources in Iran, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

Gaza Strip: Since the Gaza Strip was handed over to the Palestinians, twice as many weapons and explosives are being smuggled in through the Egyptian and Israeli borders and by sea. More than 24 Palestinian weapons factories are in full production, having been furnished with orders, materials and cash for augmenting their production lines and doubling output."

At the end of their report, the Israeli intelligence analysts reached the conclusion that the only explanation for the furious pace of Palestinian rearmament, recruitment, renovation and expansion is Arafat’s determination to pursue the course of violence.