Electrical Blackout Numerology


"The lights went out in six states according to perfect occult pattern. It happened on August 14th, exactly 13 days from the end of the high cross-quarter witches' sabat of Lughnasaid. If we count ahead 13 days we come to August 27th, which is the day when the planet Mars, the occultic "god of war", is closest to the earth. This is important in the religion of the Illuminati. In fact, during the month of August, the mean distance between the planet Mars and the Earth is 36 million miles. In occult numerology, the number 36 becomes 6 sixes. If you add all the numbers from 1 through 36, you have a sum total of 666. If we count the number of days from the six-state power failure to the next witches' sabat, the autumnal equinox of September 23rd, we find that it is 39 days, and the number 39 becomes three 13's! I am saying all of this to reveal that the electrical power failure was no coincidence but an Illuministic project and test-run of the Department of Homeland Security, the American version of Hitler's Gestapo."

Pastor David Meyer, "Last Trumpet Ministries", September, 2003 Newsletter

The blackout occurred also 13 days prior to August 27, the time of the closest Mars approach to earth!