Dalai Lama To Visit President Bush: Will he share Buddhism's version of Battle of Armageddon?


4 September 2003

Dalai Lama is visiting the U.S. beginning the 4. until the 25. September 2003. He will meet a lot of high-ranking political leaders with the American president George W. Bush on the top. The Tibetan “God-King” comes not only as the representative of his people and as the religious head of Lamaism but also as a highly sensitive master of prophecy. It is nearly unknown that the Dalai Lama steadily is spreading an “end-time-prophecy” which has a lot of similarities with the Christian apocalypse but which is yet so different there from, because the traditional lamaist text, the Kalachakra Tantra, names the leaders of the three monotheistic religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) as the opponents and enemies of Buddhism: “Adam, Enoch, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, the white-clad one [Mani], Muhammad and Mathani [the Mahdi]”. The Kalachakra Tantra describes them as “the family of the demonic snakes”. (I – 154)

After a Armageddon-like battle, in which the Buddhist together with the Hinduist armies will fight against the rest of the non-Buddhist world, our planet is ready for a buddhocratic world state with the Lamaist Chakravartin (world emperor) at the center and with Buddhism as a state-religion. The realization of this vision will be ideologically and magically prepared by the so called Kalachakra-Tantra-Ritual which is performed by the XIV. Dalai Lama since 25 five years. (Four times in the U.S.: 1981 in Madison; 1989 in Los Angeles; 1991 in New York; 1999 in Bloomington. In Sidney/Australia 1996 and the next Performance will be in Toronto/Canada 2004.) The “spiritual king of the east” is a powerful, well covered background player in the endgames, which are not only prophesized by the Bible. In the spiritual warfare, which is so manifest and public in our times, he is roping with unvisible threads.

The book of Victor and Victoria Trimondi “The Shadow of the Dalai Lama – Sexuality, Magic and Politics in Tibetan Buddhism” shows the metapolitical dooms-day scenario the Dalai Lama is playing behind the stage.

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