Buckle Up, America - Cyber Intelligence Suggests Multi-Faceted Attack Likely

Northeast Intelligence Network

September 9, 2003

"Bomb Making--The Islamic Jihad Way"

Led by Information Analyst Jennifer Johnston, the Northeast Intelligence Network is actively pursuing the demented Islamic jihad author of this bomb making map and others like it that are posted on numerous radical Islamic Internet forums. Johnston has been in pursuit of this monster who, under the guise of his religious beliefs, wants to kill as many men, women and children as possible who do not succumb to his religious beliefs. This is what is coming to America if not stopped. Ms. Johnston has been in hot pursuit of this individual for many months and has turned over vital information about his identity and current location to the proper US authorities.

6 September 2003: A combination of cyber-intelligence, along with other data collected by the Northeast Intelligence Network analysts suggest that al Qaeda, assisted by other terrorist support groups, are planning a large scale event to occur sometime between 10-11 September 2003. It is likely that an attack could correspond with the 9/11 date in the Middle east, while the date within the continental US will still be 10 September 2003. References to an attack on "11-1", taken in context, is behind the the "warning." It is important to state that in most cases, dates and times associated with most posting and "warning" are fluid and often indecipherable. Accordingly, the reader should look more at the nature of the threat rather than a specific date unless advised otherwise.

We are currently analyzing informational finds that clearly indicate that a planned attack against the United States is in the works. When will it take place? We are uncertain, although there are numerous references to a "Tuesday," and the number of "Islamic Signings" and general communication has sharply increased. For clear examples of roughly translated postings that indicate a severe threat, please navigate to "Significant Jihad Postings" and review the data collected and posted there. Although there is difficulty in the translation, the meaning should be clear.

Evidence of a 9/11 Style Attack Pending in the US?
20 August 2003: General Investigative Findings: Based on active monitoring of Internet forums utilized by the supporters of jihad, radical Islam al Qaeda, Hamas and other terrorist organizations, we have seen a significant rise in postings that would strongly indicate that an attack against the United States, and within the United States is being actively planned and soon to be implemented. Analysis of intelligence obtained and carefully reviewed indicates the reorganization of smaller and more tightly compartmentalized groups of al Qaeda operatives have been formed; based on a careful and prudent analysis of the content, it would appear that at least two physical attacks within the United States are being planned. The location, nature of the attacks and other relevant factors have yet to be determined. Based on comparative analysis of archived information with current Internet activity, the current level of Internet postings and "chatter" appears to be approaching pre-9/11 levels.

Although it would be irresponsible to present our findings as "absolute" and equally imprudent to reveal the sources of this information (doing so would, at the very least, compromise the stream of intelligence being collected), it is our position that we can "strike a logical balance" of sharing relevant and important findings with the public while withholding certain information that would undermine our efforts at discovery. It is our belief that a well informed and accurately informed public is a better prepared public. Accordingly, the following information was found by The Northeast Intelligence Network through extensive and exhaustive investigation, doubled-sourced whenever possible, and appropriately redacted only to avoid compromising our intelligence gathering efforts:

Excerpted from jihad postings: "It has been ordered that there are two big hits to be falling in America... more violent than that preceded her...al Aqsa is present and will deliver the statements by the fighting sheikh Osama ben Ladin 'on his way' to the White House". (Note: translation/transliteration of the reference to Osama bin Laden continues to be the subject of our review).

23 August 2003: A call to support: Surveillance of Internet sites in use by radical Islamic supporters of al Qaeda has noted a significant "spike" in postings, calling for the "activation of the the "memory of events" that occurred on 9/11/01. Calls for "holy Islamic battles" against the "crusade of the Jews and Christians" to correspond with the two-year anniversary of 9/11 are becoming more prolific, although lack the necessary specificity for the issuance of any alert of advisory at this time.