Medical Doctor In Foreign Army Responds To U.S. Army Claim That Smoking Caused "Mystery" Pneumonia

September 10, 2003

This article is another putrid attempt by the US military to cover up what is really wrong. Smoking EXACERBATES certain conditions already present. This means, that these folks already had -- in their bodies -- the makings of an infection, and the smoking only hastened the respiratory collapse. Yes, smoking does cause some things, but look at the statistics: people who have been smoking for months, and more likely YEARS are getting sick, not the ones who, like the article clearly indicates, just started smoking. Again, they give the clue about the blood cell elevation. With white blood cells abnormally high, there is something already "cooking".

The article states: "there is no evidence of SARS or parasitic infections." Were these folks tested for the above? Testing for these two can be very costly, and if the military has already ruled out the probability in the first place, then the lab would never have been ordered to test for these particular diseases. Eosinophils are elevated in presence of parasites, as well as radiation.

We are dealing here with that "toxic soup" (my diagnosis) that we both discussed: injections + heat + DU + mutations + other yet unknown elements they aren't talking about + any variation of the above = this multi symptom illness and death that they refuse to admit is occurring. When I read the article, am I supposed to go back to sleep? Of course, and leave it in their hands, which they so eloquently state : "we may never find a cause".

NOTE: To read this doctor's analysis of this multiple symptom illness and death, go to: