Pam Schuffert
Weekend of Investigating the YELLOWSTONE CALDERA
Mon Sep 15 2003 2:01:07 pm

I have just finished a weekend investigating the Yellowstone SuperVolcano/Caldera region, and return very impressed with what I saw and experienced. During this time of research, I spoke to locals and park rangers to better understand what has been happening here.

One man associated with the park told me how the discovery of the CALDERA'S existence came through photographs taken by NASA from space. These photos were among the first of actual confirmation proofs of the caldera and indicating it's approximate size, 40 miles by 20 miles.

Curious about reports I had been hearing that certain parts of YELLOWSTONE were now blocked off because the ground was getting hotter and dangerous to walk upon, I asked a park ranger about this. He shared how the NORRIS region of Yellowstone is experiencing this build up of heat at this time.

Park rangers also confirmed the continuing build up of pressure beneath the lake in Yellowstone, causing water to be displaced and flooding dry land. Fish are also coming up dead in some areas.

Park rangers also confirmed the reality of new mud pots and geysers springing up as well. Minor earthquakes or tremors occur here frequently.

It was an eery sensation I felt as I walked carefully over the boardwalks, beneath which are the hot mud pots and heated thermal springs. Often colored brightly from minerals deposited on its surface from the emerging heated water, these thermal pools and mud pots are located profusely throughout the CALDERA region.

It is unsafe to even walk on the "ground" around them, because often the "ground" is only a thin crust, beneath which deadly mud pots containing scalding water are located. The water or mud pots are hot enought to cause deadly damage or KILL.

Often the acid content of some of these pools can actually dissolve thick leather hiking boots ...

MAJOR EARTHQUAKES OF DESTRUCTION would definitely accompany any kind of minor or major eruption at Yellowstone, admitted the park rangers.

Further research by geologists indicates that the Yellowstone volcano erupting would have a major effect on California, Oregon and Washington and their volcanic systems and would be able to trigger the massive anticipated earthquake in California and elsewhere.

The sheer amount of ash spewed into the atmosphere from this SUPERVOLCANO would deposit 5-10 feet of ash over major parts of both America's and Canada's BREADBASKET agricultural region. This would effectively destroy the agriculture throughout this region for a long period of time. The result of this would of course be MAJOR FAMINE.

Huge amounts of ash filling our atmosphere would immediately affect the climate, effectively destroying the normal type of climate necessary for most crops to grow in many areas. Such ash filling the atmosphere could also darken the skies as well.

As I interviewed locals in Yellowstone, I discovered that most are very aware of this potential dangers they face living in this unstable area. I also discovered as I talked to them that the majority of people in West Yellowstone are VERY lost.

While there is a remnant of Christians in West Yellowstone, with whom I fellowshipped last Sunday in church, most people here remain unsaved. One woman remarked, "I don't believe in the white man's God..." as I talked about Jesus Christ. Yet in the same conversation, she admitted her fears about the Yellowstone caldera erupting, and that she lived in continual danger.

Another person in West Yellowstone admitted that there is large community of people in to Wicca, Satanism and alternate religions in nearby BOZEMAN, MT. (Mostly due to the University being there.) Bozeman would also become history when the YELLOWSTONE CALDERA erupts ...

I will continue to return to gather more information and updates regarding this fascinating and deadly subject of THE YELLOWSTONE SUPERVOLCANO and what it's implications are for AMERICA and the rest of the world.

-Pam Schuffert