Eyewitness Reports of Yellowstone Super-Volcano Activity

Earth Changes

September 15, 2003

I have recently received two reports sent in by P. Dalton. <pdalton@uneedspeed.net> claiming two people have sent in eye witness reports of their recent visit to Yellowstone Park. I have not confirmed these statements, so please read with discernment.

I would like to make a call to all who are living in the Yellowstone area, or who have recently visited the park. Please send in your personal 'eye witness' reports to the following address: :earthchanges@earthlink.net

First report:
" Hello folks, next door neighbor just got back from a weeks stay in Yellowstone. we talked and I was told a lot more camping areas have been closed off besides around the Lake. he is an avid fisherman, said the fish are floating dead in the streams, and the lake is closed. A very strong smell of H2SO4 (sulfur) People were leaving due to smell.

Second report:
" Yellowstone is worse than we thought. The husband of my daughter's social studies teacher is staying at the Crow Reservation in Montana, 100 miles from Yellowstone. He said that over and above everything we have heard to date (which he says is absolutely true), there is a large dead zone of animals and vegetation. Immediately outside this dead zone, vegetation has stopped growing and animals are migrating out of the area. New geysers and mud pots are springing up daily. You can physically see the ground bulging up, not only at Yellowstone Lake, but in several places in the park. They have closed more areas to the public than is being reported. There are several areas where the ground temperature tops 200 degrees. And earthquakes are becoming a daily occurrence."

My interview with Dr. Bruce Cornet has made international headlines. You can listen to our tantalizing interview on ECTV's "audio/video" page: http://www.earthchangestv.com/secure/Audio_Video/mp3_2003.htm

We have also been published on several national and international news agencies.

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