Marine Corps Missile Experts Ordered To Train Chinese!

Dear Sir,

My husband is recently retired from the Marine Corp after serving 20 years. He held no secret classification and his MOS was helicopter repair. A portion of his duties included arming and testing helicopter missiles. At the time we were stationed at Camp Pendleton California (MALS 39). During the Clinton regime my husband was asked/ordered to join a team of 6 men, who were secretly sent to China for a extremely classified mission in which he was ordered to teach top ranking Chinese military personnel exactly how to build, arm and equip their helicopter fleet with missiles, according to the specifications we currently utilized.

He and I did not discuss this mission and I actually know little of the details but my husband at the time was shocked at the mission. Why our government would tell him to give away such classified information was beyond his comprehension. The year of this would have been around 1998.

CUTTING EDGE NOTE: In a recent newsletter, we stated:

"If Taiwan is attacked, she will find her armed forces will be facing an enemy greatly strengthened technologically over the past decade because of President Clinton's policy of trading, giving away, and allowing Chinese spies to steal whatever secrets they wanted. When China wins, they should hold a parade for President Clinton! We have written extensively on this subject, and we encourage you to thoughtfully read them, for you will realize how far back the decision to allow China to conquer Taiwan was made. You will also see that Clinton was just carrying out a 150-year Illuminati plan!"

For full details of this 150-year-old plan to arm China to be equal to the U.S.